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PLAs Are Wrong for Maryland

Project labor agreements lead to inequity and exclusion, hurting small and minority-owned businesses and Maryland workers. Mandated PLA’'s are a step backward and enshrine outdated business practices that only make it more difficult for MBE businesses and Maryland workers to participate.


Reasons Why We Don't Need Mandated PLAS

Mandated PLAs on state public works projects are never as good they seem because they steer taxpayer-funded public works contracts to union-signatory contractors who monopolize jobs and subcontracts, as well as raise taxpayer costs.


Myths About Mandated PLAs

We are committed to clearing the air about the so-called benefits of mandated PLAs. Here are five myths we busted about mandated PLAs.


Failed PLA Projects

We are committed to bringing transparency to the dangers of this policy and ensuring all workers get fair opportunities at crucial taxpayer-funded projects.


Call to Action

Americans expect fairness and open competition. Join us to tell Maryland lawmakers to stop mandated Project labor agreements and keep jobs in Maryland!

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Get the Facts About Government-Mandated Project Labor Agreements

Why Mandated PLAs Are Wrong for Maryland

  • Costly and Prone to Delays
  • Excludes and Hurts Minority-Owned Businesses and Workers
  • Leaves Maryland Workers Behind
  • 9 out of 10 Construction Industry Employees Are Non-Union

The Maryland Coalition for Fairness and Open Competition is a Maryland coalition dedicated to advocating against the use of mandated PLAs on state public works projects that steer taxpayer-funded public works contracts to union-signatory contractors, granting union workers a monopoly on jobs and contracts, as well as raising taxpayer costs. 




PLAs typically increase the cost of construction by 12% to 20%


Record low of the construction workforce that belongs to a union


Typical amount of worker’s take-home pay effectively stolen from them to cover union dues/benefits/pension fund


Construction workers were not members of a union in 2023 nationwide


April 29, 2024

Update: Arlington Career Center Project Hits Potentially Key Snag After PLA

Labor provisions could scuttle agreement just as construction contract was ready for signing.
April 23, 2024

Rebuilding Key Bridge Should Not Be A Union-Only Project | Reader Commentary

The truth is the minority community is greatly underrepresented in union construction. The majority of construction in Maryland…is built by merit shop workers.
July 9, 2023

Opinion  Project labor agreements are not right for Prince George’s new schools

A debate has arisen over the use of PLAs on the construction of six new schools—but PLAs, which require union construction crews, are not the solution for Prince George’s County.


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